Balancing Life and Health

Workplace Yoga/Meditation

Let your shoulders down and relax your cyber eyes! Overcome computer desk posture that leads to back, wrist, shoulder and neck pain. Since 2003, WellCore Group has hosted weekly onsite yoga and meditation practices in the workplace. Practices are geared to the working professional with an eye towards undoing a workday's effect on the joints, spine, mind and emotions. Beginning with breath awareness, and continuing with gentle stretching and yoga poses, the practice ends with restorative relaxation. Contact for further information.

Community Yoga/Meditation ClassesBack to Top

Small and large group classes: Over four decades of experience and study fuel a unique teaching style, incorporating a depth of knowledge with compassion and an understanding of individual needs. The community is invited to participate in classes at The Becoming Center or through Temple University's non-credit program, both in Ambler, PA. Contact for schedules, class descriptions and levels.

Private Yoga/Meditation SessionBack to Top

Do large group classes feel intimidating or stressful? Need to spend some time working with an injury, health concern, limitation or specific goal? Learning how to adapt or avoid certain postures and use modifications specific to your body is the way to go. A private yoga session provides the necessary guidance to better equip you to begin your practice or take it to the next level. Contact for an appointment, pricing and packages.

Chair YogaBack to Top

Group and one-on-one sessions: This low-stress, gentle form of yoga builds vitality, health and well-being. The movements are targeted to work on flexibility of the spine and the joints as well as the breath, emotions, and the mind. The standing poses can be done with the support of the chair. For those in a wheelchair or with other special limitations, poses are adapted to suit each situation. The sessions end with a few minutes of guided relaxation and restorative rest. Residents at Folkeways, The Artman Home and Paul's Run benefit from weekly sessions. Contact for an appointment, pricing and packages.

Breathe - A Mindfulness Meditation CourseBack to Top

Can meditation make you happy? Need to cope more effectively with stress, anxiety and pain? Want to master the essentials? Research shows the region of the brain associated with the expression of positive emotions tends to be more active during and after meditation. Maybe you've had some meditation experience but have not yet found a technique that fits you or your lifestyle. Or perhaps you want to deepen your practice to help sustain a regular practice. Each session includes discussion and meditation. Contact pricing and packages on four- or eight-week courses.